Home Studio Starter Kit 2 (400w Studio Starter Pack)

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Package includes:
  • 2 units GB-400 studio strobe with modeling light (400w)
  • 2 units 2.8m lightstands
  • 2 units 60 x 90cm 2 layer softbox
  • 1 set wireless studio flash trigger
  • 1 set 10ft backdrop stand
  • 1 pc 3 x 6m backdrop (choose Black or White backdrop)
This package is everything you need to start up a professional studio at home with minimal cost. No hidden cost, no need to buy anything else, you just need a camera to start shooting professionally. This is the best value for money package in Malaysia! 
Studio Strobe Specifications:
  • Power GN65
  • Recycling time 0.5-2s
  • Modeling bulb 150w
  • Built in optical sensor
  • 6 f-stop aperture co-efficient precise control
  • Built in umbrella holder
  • Built in cooling fan
Suitable for:
  • Portraiture like wedding photography, events
  • Product shooting, ranging from big (furnitures etc) to small products. Jewelries, Bottles, Food etc.
Portrait with white backdrop
Low Key with Black Backdrop:
Product sample:


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    [Home Studio Starter Kit 2 (400w)]
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