Flycam CF-5 Carbon Fiber Video Stabilizer FREE Quick Release Plate & Bag

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When we talk about steadycams; stability, endurance, customizable built, precision, smooth functionality and last but not least superior quality is all what matters most. But isn’t it an elusive project to find all these features in one stabilizer? What if you get all these with an added advantage of a brand name at a budgeted price? Astonished? Well, Don’t be! As always, Flycam with its CF-5 Carbon Fiber Stabilizer gladly puts an end to your interminable research.
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One of our quality assured time-tested equipmentis another benchmark from our highly skilled and experienced engineers and designers. Do not wait more as CF-5 already bagged millions of orders on its initial production!Limited second production is on its way!

For Cameras weighing upto 5kg/11lbs.

>  Universal camera mount plate with perforated surface.
>  Compact, portable & light weight built for easy & quick assembling.
>  360º gimbal rotation provides smooth flawless panoramic shots.
>  Provided quick release adapter plate allows for faster mounting & removal of camera.
>  Movable camera head platform lets you achieve quick & precise balance every time.
>  Rugged yet light weight carbon fiber telescopic sled extends up to 54cm.
>  Keep your gear safe & functional throughout by storing it in stylish, custom fit, protective foam lined bag.
>  100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

FLYCAM CF-5 - Carbon Fiber Stabilizer

The Camera Base plate has both 1/4" and 3/8" mounting slots (holes) to accommodate all variety of camera bases. You can slide your camera with base plate of DSLR steadycam on both the horizontal and vertical axes, achieved by means of thumbscrews and a movable camera base plate.


Moves back and front, and side to side, to quickly allow you to adjust horizontal balance of camera . By varying the amount of counterweight disks on the base platform you adjust the camera's vertical balance. When balanced properly the camera floats, ready for you to move into action.


Wheelbarrow bearing provides Rotational control over camera so the camera can be easily rotated on its axis.
-> Grip swavels left and right from the bolt. You can easily move whole DSLR steadycam up anddown.
-> Angle bracket enables grip to move up and down.


Steadycam handle of FLYCAM CF-5 Carbon Fiber Stabilizer is extra smooth, easy to grip move it up and down or side-to-side according to your need. Soft foam grip make it easy on hands and supplies slip free control.


Telescopic Lightweight, durable and most professional carbon fiber sled. post - Sled maximum extends upto 54cm


This stabilizing system contains weights. Main function of these weights is to balance your camera on this stabilizer. You can add or remove weights as per your requirement.


Quick mount & removal of camera with the help of quick release. Plate has 1/4" and 3/8" standard screws.

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    [Flycam CF-5]
  • Shipping Weight: 5kgs
  • Manufactured by: Flycam

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