Flycam Flyboy III (White) Steadycam Video Stabilizer

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 Flycam Flyboy-III DSLR steadycam is your essential professional partner. Life doesn’t stand still. Now keep up with the action more easily than ever with the new ultra-light, ultra-compact mini steadycam system. Precise, elegant control and ease for memorable, professional “you are there” footage. This small DSLR stabilizer can move smoothly. 

The design of Flyboy-III DSLR steadycam significantly reduces fatigue for longer, more elegant shots. The rigidity of its construction permits longer focal lengths than you have ever imagined. 

Steel gimbal for perfect pivot support to swivel smoothly, unique dual extended weight system greatly increases stillness stability & Micro adjustment technology for quick balancing. Its counter balancing weight supports a wide range of DSLR, compact and professional camcorders. 

->  Custom design - Precision engineering
->  Micro Adjustment for quick balancing 
->  Thousands of satisfied customers worldwide
->  Eliminates camera shake
->  Lightweight stabilizer
->  Quick & easy setup process

This new and innovative approach to mini handheld stabilizer design makes the FLYCAM FLYBOY - III Pro a lightweight, handheld camera stabilizing system that can be used by amateurs and presume alike. For corporate communications, weddings, non-broadcast recording or family events the FLYCAM FLYBOY - III provides results like no other.

Camera stabilizing system's, like this, work to provide stability during movement, for dynamic and subjective camera shots. It utilizes a balancing system that dampens the user's body movement, providing a smooth, floating image over a wide range of conditions.


->  Designed for the latest DSLR Cameras.
->  Ergonomic rubber grip makes it comfortable for extended use.
->  Quick release camera mount lets you instantly swap on & off camera.
->  Adjustable Gimbal.
->  Reduces fatigue allowing longer shooting times. 
->  Most advanced mini handheld stabilizer system on the market for its camera weight range.
->  Our Quality assurance guarantee.


->  Flycam flyboy III DSLR steadycam weight - 730gm / 1.6lbs.
->  Flycam flyboy III with Washers - 1.225 grams
->  Aluminum & Hi-grade industrial construction
->  Weighing Capacity- 1kg / 2.2lbs.
->  Color - White
->  Manufactured by best Quality aluminum grade
->  Counterbalance weights are made of Iron, Powder coated


Universal Camera base plate has been designed to mount from the top of Flycam Flyboy III mini handheld stabilizer and is easily secured by two unbreakable Hi-quality industrial grade plastic adjusters. The quick release mechanism mounted on the universal camera base plate allows for quick camera dismounts and necessary lens changes.


Quick mount & removal of camera with the help of quick release. Plate has 1/4" standard screws.


Dual wall support, Micro adjustment technology - All supreme features in one DSLR steadycam! 

The handle of Flycam Flyboy III DSLR stabilizer provides easy operation and a comfort grip. It easily moves up and down and side to side for picture framing.


Wheelbarrow bearing provides rotational camera control with easy ‘on axis’ movement. The handgrip swivels left and right from the bolt. You can easily move whole DSLR steadycam up and down. Angle bracket enables grip to move up and down.


Steadycam handle of Flycam Flyboy-III mini handheld Stabilizer is extra smooth, easy to grip move it up and down or side-to-side according to your need. Soft foam grip make it easy on hands and supplies slip free control. 


This camera stabilizing system contains weights. Main function of these weights is to balance your camera on this steady cam. You can add or remove weights as per your requirement. 


This mini handheld stabilizer system contains weights. Main function of these weights is to balance your camera on this small DSLR stabilizer. You can add or remove weights as per your requirement. The weights are fastened on the weight plate with 1/4" screw.


Flycam Flyboy -III DSLR Steadycam comes in a foam lined, custom fit, protective storage cases with easy tote handles.

**Package does not include camera and phone.

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