Green.L Slim Neutral Density ND8 52mm

Price: RM26.00

Green L Slim Neutral Density 8 is for tight budgeted photographers that want a good quality filter at a very affordable price. In photography and optics, a neutral density filter or ND filter is a "grey" filter. An ideal neutral density filter reduces light of all wavelengths or colors equally. The purpose of standard photographic neutral density filters is to allow the photographer greater flexibility to change the aperture or exposure time, allowing for more control, particularly in extreme circumstances.

ND8= 3 f stop reduction = 12.5% light transmission

This model also comes with thin frame, suitable to be used on Ultra Wide Angle lenses to prevent vignetting. The main usage of neutral density filter is:
  • Use slower shutter speed to create slow shutter effect (for motion blur etc)
  • Use bigger aperture when flashgun is attached during bright daylight. (most flashguns doesn't support sync above 1/250s, if you need to use bigger aperture, you have to slow down your shutter speed below 1/250s to use a flashgun)

  • Model:
    [Green L ND8 52mm]
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  • Manufactured by: Green L

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