Nicefoto Beauty Dish with Diffuser Cloth & Honeycomb 55cm Bowens Mount (for Speedlite & Strobe Light)

Price: RM348.00


A beauty dish is a different kind of light modification device because it doesn't diffuse light. It’s a metal reflector that uses its parabolic shape to distribute light towards a focal point, and is an alternative to a softbox. It wraps light around a subject, producing an effect somewhere between direct flash and a softbox, and adds drama when used with accessories like a honeycomb. 

A beauty dish is used in portrait and fashion work to generate a concentrated pool of light and produce its characteristic round catch light in the subject’s eyes.  A translucent fabric diffuser (“strobo-sock”) is included with this beauty dish to provide additional softness with white-lined dishes or cut the contrast from silver-lined models.

Package includes:
  • 1 unit 55cm beauty dish (bowen's mount)
  • 1 unit Diffuser cloth (strobo-sock)
  • 1 unit Honeycomb grid
Optional accessory:
With Bowen's Mount to Speedlite Mount:


  • Model:
    [55cm Beauty Dish]
  • Shipping Weight: 2kgs
  • Manufactured by: Nicefoto

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